writing in slow motion

and crawling toward success

More proof of writing

Title: Braver
Rating: PG for off screen death
Pairings/Characters: no pairings, the characters aren't anyone you'd know.
Summary: A cold night in a poorly made building is made slightly better by the arrival of food.
Notes: The first scene of what was supposed to be my big bang but alas, I hit a block and stopped at 13K.

BraverCollapse )


Proof that I do in fact write things

Title: Lengthening Streets
Rating: PG for swearing
Pairings/Characters: no pairings, but characters are, apparently, Darcy and Rhys.
Summary: Two men have a brief chat, and then go drinking.
Notes: randomly written work is really random. I have no clue where they came from but I think I suddenly have a use for them, which is pleasing.

Lengthening StreetsCollapse )

I have no life
and I've proven that by remaining in bed until 11am. I've been awake, just not up. And my dog is on my feet, so my feet are very warm.

This has been the most that's happened to me in a while. In other news I've

1. Been accepted to university
2. Finished my high school career
3. Been diagnosed with epilepsy
4. Been drinking mind blowing amounts of tea
5. Been approved for a line of credit.

Other than that, nothing.

So, I have an idea for Original Fiction Big Bang
And it's steam punk werewolves. Oh yeah.

It will, like most steampunk, run on rule of cool and steam. I'm thinking of including biopunk too, to explain the werewolves and all. I'm off to outline and do character sheets.

*happy arm flails*

and no, I don't have any important things happening in my life, but my birthday was last Sunday and I've recently recovered from norovirus. Yeah for that too.

A not important post, what a surprise
So, still excited about Batman and Dragon Age 2, though I saw the Dark Knight and mostly thought it was a little silly but better than Batman Forever.

My birthday is looming ever closer and I'm panicking a little over the fact that will make me a legal adult. I'm fairly mature but my characteristic indecisiveness bodes  poorly for my ability to function in the world.

Oh well, life is rather trial by fire so we'll see how that ends up eh? At least I'm enough of a coward and stick in the mud I'll probably survive my twenties.

Also because I'm a stick in the mud and fairly introverted, I live a boring life which doesn't bother me but makes for poor journal updates, so here are some things which have either occurred or happened to me in the past few days.

1.  My cat wishes to destroy my laptop and return to her rightful spot on my lap. For now she's laying next to me but I worry for my poor defenceless net book. (note, my cat is grumpy and possibly actively spiteful).

2. Yesterday my cat and dog were sharing my dog's bed. This was interesting because my cat seems to think my dog is a mouse and so plays cruel mind games with him. My dog is also a giant, neurotic coward with the spirit of an old man so it makes for good drama.

3. I don't like pandas. People don't understand this stance but I don't.

4. I also don't like names that start with the letter 'B'. People do seem to understand this stance.

5. I don't think any artists come here but if you stumble upon this, please not that the Original Fiction Big Bang (found here: is looking for artists. This can be visual, film, animation, soundtracks and many other things, so please take a look. Writers are also welcome, since it is about writing and all.

6. The other day I made a strange cake. It was supposed to be cookies, but turned out too batter like, so I made it a cake. Because I have celiac's it was made with bean flour and quinoa flakes (mostly because I wanted to get rid of the flakes) and therefore it smelt like green things. Luckily once it was done it tasted like spice cake, if spice cake was half cake half cookie.

That about sums it up really, I'm trying to get back into writing my own stuff, it's been a while, and happily taking prompts, this includes things like "something about a gay landed immigrant" or "something to do with cheese and a blind date".

I cannot ensure it will be written in a timely fashion, but I can say it will probably be gay. As in about gay people.

Journal Purge and New Stuff
Hello, you may notice this place is now empty, mostly because nothing important was here before. So, to (re)start this place, my list of awesome things:

1. I'm doing the original novel big bang! 20k written by November (in time for NaNoWriMo yeah?)

2. I finished high school in May, that is exciting. Really exciting.

3. Batman, Batman is awesome.

4. DC superheroes in general, I am that much of a nerd.
                                             4.5. The Justice League is also awesome.

5. Mittens, my mom made me some and they are warm and red and stripèd.


There are other things that are awesome, make no mistake. I just haven't thought of them.


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